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The journey to become a clown

Lukas Böss, born in 1992 in Frauenfeld (Switzerland). As a son of a urologist and an anesthesia nurse, Lukas discovered very soon the fascination to the circus. Already as a four years old boy he saw the fist time a show in the Swiss national circus Knie in Luzern. From that moment he was identified with the circus virus. Every circus that made its stop in the city has to be visited. Already in the age of 6 it was obvious for him: «I will be a clown or a farmer». 

In the age of 7 he joined for the first time the children camp of circus Harlekin in Blatten. His métier was clownery. His talent as a comedian was was discovered in the circus Harlekin. Form now on he visited as often as possible the circus and spent his holidays in the circus. That went along to a stand-in of the house clowns «Les Nicas» in the show of circus Harlekin. 

Also as teenager he never left his path to pursue his dream. That causes a slight discomfiture of his parents. So, he began 2009 a three years apprenticeship as agriculturalist. 2012 he successfully graduated. His first goal to become a farmer was already achieved. 

In the winter of 2012/13 he completed the obligatory military training school and afterwords he signed his first contract as clown in education in Circus Harlekin where he started in season 2013. From now on he needed a clown name. Lukas turned into «Lügg» which is a Siwss dialect name and derived from the french name «Luc» which is also his artist name outside the Swiss German border.

The first season 2013 was a bit a jump into the cold water. The last tay in military school was as well the day of premiere in circus Halrekin in Thun. At the beginning he was mentored very well by the mentors form Les Nicas, Madame Nica and Pedro. So he could get slowly familiar with the circus ring. By now it is already his 6. season on tour with the circus Harlekin and a fix component of the yearly new circus Harlekin show. Lukas is very grateful for this enormous chance and the support of Monika and Pedro (the direction of circus Harlekin).

In season 2018 clown «Luc» has even the very great honor to do several skits in the show together with the famous (ex.) Rossyann clowns Hecotr and Pierrot where he can again learn a lot. 

Make UP

The make-up is the clown its identity and  signature. Learn more about my make-up here


In the opposite to the make-up, the costume is related to the skit. Anyways it has always a recognition

«The clown is a acting poet. He himself is the story he plays.»

Henry Miller



In my age of 26 years I could gather already  several experiences in clownery and comedy. Thereby I have a basic to develop myself and to create new ideas and also evolve my own skits.  My main métier still is the classical clownery,  likely also with a partner. 

My Goal: I as clown «Luc», I don't want the audience  has to pay for its amusement (not only skits with the audience). Fisticuffs like slaps in the face, flying spaghetti is neither part of his repertoire. The character «Luc» wants to convey joy and happiness. He embodies a clumsy but lovable clown. 

The creation of my own ideas is thereby very important, because stillstand is regression...

 «You can not constantly reinvent the wheel,
but you can turn it around the other way».


Under the page Videos you get some impressions about my character «Luc». 

Clown and allrounder as well? No Problem!

While not performing in the circus ring, I can also provide following benefits:

  • Assistance in erection and dismantiling

  • Technical knowhow as place manager of the circus Harlekin

  • Mechanical knowhow

  • Truck drivers licence Cat. C/CE


For employment enquiries for a season contract, winter productions, galas etc.  please use the contact form

Now I am available for winter 2019/2020 and Season 2020



Winter 2019

Weihnachtscircus Berolina, Berlin Waltersdorf, Deutschland



Circus Harlekin, Switzerland ( 7 seasons)



Comedy "Duo Spinnpong" with several engagements and two produced shows

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