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Free For Winter Saison 2021/22

...currently in season with circus stey in switzerland (i see you there!)

Dear ladies and gentelmens

I'm Clown Luc the newcomer clown from Switzerland.

I would like to apply to you for a commitment in your circus or variete.

I work in circus harlekin and i am there already in the 7th season with a great popularity as a clown. Until the retirement of the clowns madame nica and pedro. I was a member of the clown trio Les nicas.  during the 2018 season and the upcoming 2019 season, i work togehter with ex."Les Rosyann" clowns, hector and pierrot as my partners. Now I'm looking for a new challenge in winter 2020.

I would be very happy to become a part of your ensemble.


 I offer you:

- Classic clowning in my own style, no copies! Self-developed entrees and reprises


• Golf course (solo act)

• The Rose (with audience,publik)

• Crazy bike (solo act)

• Firefighter in the audience (See Photos Video Web.)

• Various wateracts also possible with partners.

• comic magic

• Musical reprises also poetic, if desired.


- Possibly. Collaboration with partners in the ring.



o Circus Harlekin in the 7th season, Peter Pichler and Monika Aegerter

o Partner clowns Hector and Pierrot Rossi (Les Rosyann).


I would be very happy to hear from you!




Lukas Böss / Clown Luc

Danke! Die Nachricht wurde gesendet.

Clown and allrounder as well? No Problem!

While not performing in the circus ring, I can also provide following benefits:

  • Assistance in erection and dismantiling

  • Technical knowhow as place manager of the circus Harlekin

  • Mechanical knowhow

  • Truck drivers licence Cat. C/CE

For employment enquiries for a season contract, winter productions, galas etc.  please use the contact form

Now I am available for winter 2019/2020 

I look forward to your contact!

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