I am clown «Luc» or alos colled «Lügg» in swiss german. Since my childhood I believe in my dream and now I perform already several years in the circus ring. 

I am happy that you are visiting my website. Get to know more about me as clown «Luc», my story how I got a clown. Also read my  repertoire and watch my videos

Dive into the world of dreams with me!

A clown 
One passion

About me

A red nose, to big shoes, a loose jacket and a sympathic laugh – I am a classical clown like you would imagine.

In lingo I am also the «silly Auguste» and make the audience laugh with my clumsy manner.

My clown name «Luc» or «Lügg» is arised from my original name Lukas and exists since my very first professional show in the circus ring. I am internalizing refining my character over the years in the circus.  

But the journey to become a clown was not always easy. But I always fight hard to pursue my dream. 


If a short reprise or a clown entree; my repertoire is rich in variety.  Learn more here.


The make-up is the clown its identity and  signature. Learn more about my make-up here


In the opposite to the make-up, the costume is related to the skit. Anyways it has always a recognition


Weather a waiter, boxer, firefighter, painter or some other quirky characters; take a look at the variety of clown «Luc» .

«Every human is a clown, but only few have the courage to show it.» Charlie Rivel-Clown


Yes, ig darf di erschtä Erfahrige bi üsn

«A day when you do not smile is a lost day» Charly Chaplin